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Lightly Smoked Beetroot, Liquorice & Soy Gravad Lax

Lightly Smoked Beetroot, Liquorice & Soy Gravad Lax

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A Scandinavian process which means ‘grave fish’ as in years gone by the fish was salted and buried to preserve it!

I use the same specially selected salmon from Scotland and prepare it with ‘Beetroot and Liquorice’. A modern version that uses neither salt, nor sugar but instead relies on natural sugars in the beetroot and liquorice where it marinates for several days.

The resulting colour is a beautiful purple and the taste a smooth succulent flavour. It is then smoked over oak. This salmon does not set up as a traditional salted Gravad Lax, instead resembles a sashimi in texture. It is better eaten as fresh as possible and so we recommend using within five days.

Compliment this delicacy with lime juice and a crunchy salad of fennel and apple. If Also try our ‘Dutch Gin and Lime’ Gravad Lax.

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