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Dutch Gin, Lime & Dill Gravad Lax

Dutch Gin, Lime & Dill Gravad Lax

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A Scandinavian process which means ‘grave fish’ as in years gone by the fish was salted and buried to preserve it!

I use the same specially selected salmon from Scotland and prepare with ‘Dutch Gin and Lime’ .The traditional method of salting and sugar with herbs and spices but adding my own twist of Dutch gin, or, stone jar Genevere, a ‘Gin’ made from juniper berries. The salmon is prepared, deboned and then soaked in a good measure or two of Dutch Gin, covered in my own recipe of salt, sugar and juniper berries sourced from an island in Estonia. The two sides are sandwiched together and pressed for at least three days, turning frequently. Once unwrapped I add a twist of fresh lime juice.

Compliment this delicacy with lime juice and a crunchy salad of fennel and apple. If Also try our ‘Beetroot and Liquorice’ Gravad Lax.

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